Famous Female Celebrities

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There are many different women and female celebrities of WWE. The company has always had a following of female fans that continue to purchase their merchandise and watch all of the matches. The company has a long-standing history of diversity, and they celebrate a lot of women in the business today. Here are some of the women that have been some of the most famous women in the world of wrestling. They will no doubt be some of the sexiest women in WWE history.


The first of the women that are on this list is Trista Sutter. Trista Sutter is a Diva with the Green Machine. She is an All-Time Great WWE Women’s Champion and has a long history in the company. She has had a run with TNA, and also had a brief stint with WWE, but is best known now as a commentator for the company.


Another WWE Diva that should be on this list is Sunny Kroll. Sunny is one of the original Divas and is known as one of the sexiest women in the company today. She has gone from being a Diva to being one of the biggest stars in independent wrestling. She has had matches with some of the best wrestlers in the world, such as Mickie James, Ric Flair, and even Kaylee Summers.


One of the more famous and influential female celebrities of WWE is WWE Diva Belly. Belly has been known for her excellent physique and has become one of the signature stars of WWE Diva’s. She is also one of the longest-serving Divas in the company’s history. She started out as a performer for TNA and later on became a commentator for the company. She has been an unforgettable figure in the history of female wrestling and has become a household name among females interested in the sport.


Some other notable women’s wrestlers include Trista Sampras, Aksana, Velvet Sky, and Layla. Trista Sampras is one of the all-time great female wrestlers and was known for her amazing moves and attitude. Aksana and Layla are two of the top European women’s wrestlers and have made their presence felt in the United States by winning the Women’s Championship at ringside. Velvet Sky became known as one of the best female “machines” in the world and has had a long career as an actor and a WWE Diva. Layla was also a WWE Diva, who won the Diva’s Championship but later quit the company due to a contract dispute.


The above-mentioned celebrities are only a few of the many famous and influential women in the world today. There are countless other female celebrities and icons, who are recognized by the majority of the population. These celebrities often have their own clothing lines, write books, or host talk shows and podcasts. Female celebrities are true icons in the eyes of many, making them some of the most famous and influential women in the world today.

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