How Sports Can Increase Your Desirability

Most people have a very distorted perception of what is desirable in a woman. For instance, many men think that being tall and muscular is something that all girls are trying to get. This is simply untrue. There are plenty of gorgeous women who are petite and have a waif-like build. In this article, I will explain why being desirable in sports is more important than you think.


Most guys would probably say that they like a taller, bigger athlete over someone who is smaller. Well, it is true that height and size can definitely make someone look more athletic and perhaps valuable. However, there is a much deeper desirability factor that is related to athletic ability. It is the quality of that athletic ability that actually counts.


If you watch any of the most popular magazines, you will see that lots of the covers are female athletes. These sports somehow inflate the desirability factor because these are models and celebrities that we want to be like. We want to be like them and if we are not, we feel bad about ourselves. But the reality is that we should not only admire the woman who plays sports, but we should also admire the man who watches her play. Not only does she look good, but he is probably much better at the game as well.


Another thing that causes a huge impact on our perceived desirability in sports is the way we wear our clothing. If a woman is wearing a tight-fitting short skirt and top, she will look much sexier than if she wears something a little more conservative like a sports bra and sports pants. It all comes down to what you feel comfortable in and what you think others will find appealing about you. Just because you are a big fan of certain sports does not mean that you need to flaunt your interests at every opportunity.


Most men do not take sports seriously, especially compared to us women, but that does not mean that they do not care about our happiness and well-being. Being a fan of certain sports helps women escape from their usual day-to-day stresses and get some relaxation time. It is very common for women to be too busy with work and family issues to spend time with their friends. However, if a woman can keep up with her favorite sports, even if they are not a big fan, she will surely have some time to spend with friends or with the family.


Desirability is greatly affected by the way we act and what we are passionate about. If a woman is strong and committed to her favorite sport, she will have a huge advantage over the women who would rather stay home and relax. Sports help us forget about our problems and all the hardships that we go through just to be able to take a break and enjoy ourselves. Sports are one of the few things that we can show our personality without having to put too much effort into and just focus on one thing at a time.

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