The Fear and Threat Assessment Tests

One of the most profound emotions humans experience is fear. For millions of years, fear has motivated every aspect of our lives. It has motivated our actions to survive, prevent others from harm, and it has motivated our social interactions with other people. Most modern people have learned how to deal with fear, however, the problem remains that they are still not aware of the full extent of fear. The Fear and Threat Scanner are one tool that allows anyone to enter a state of meditation while facing their greatest fears. Through the use of this machine, you will be able to take a closer look at your fears and analyze them within your own mind.


Many people are afraid of flying and/or flying too fast. Many more are afraid of bees or wasps. When you enter the Fear and Threat Scanner, these fears will appear as colored squares on the screen. Each color represents a different emotion that is being represented by the object or situation that is being examined.


Green means neutral; this is your everyday day-to-day life. Yellow is a very strong emotion that represents excitement or success. Red is your ultimate fear and represents pain. Purple is a color that represents curiosity or the unknown. Black is a completely different emotion that represents a total loss of control.


The color green gives off an energy that is linked to the brain’s center of learning and memory. This color indicates a need for constant stimulation. If a person is exposed to too much green, the brain gets bored and shuts down. If a person is constantly exposed to yellow, this causes the part of the brain associated with memory to deteriorate over time. A person who constantly uses red gets angry and aggressive, while a person who works constantly with purple gets tense and anxious.


After you enter into the Fear and Threat Scanner, you will then be shown two pictures. The first picture is a normal scene. The other is a scene of severe danger. The picture that is on the screen is the moment when the person thinks that they are about to be attacked or they think that they are about to experience some type of traumatic event. The scanning machine will use its advanced algorithms to analyze your brain’s patterns to predict what type of feelings you are having.


In order to scan your mind, you will have to undergo several sessions. This will involve seeing the pictures of the two different situations. You will then have to tell the scan engine what you think about those two situations. It will then give you several different results. The more scans that you take, the better the program will become.


The reason that it is important to undergo the Fear and Threat Scanner is so that the brain can learn how to better detect threats. Most people are not aware that they are having brain activity that is related to stress and anxiety. This means that they are not always thinking clearly and are more susceptible to changes in their moods. The program will help them become aware of their emotions so they can better control their responses to different situations.


The Fear and Threat Assessment tests are actually quite fun to do. As you lie on the table, you will be asked to imagine what would happen if you do certain things. The more that you think about a situation, the more clearly your brain will be able to see things. The computer will then analyze your brain scans to provide you with the results. If your mind shows any signs of excessive activity related to fear or threat, you will either need to work on your problem or get some help from a professional.

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