Ko Tarutao Beaches

Ko Tarutao, a name in honor of King Rama V (King Rambo) of the kingdom of Khao Lak or Keang Lo, is located in the province of Thanon Or else known as Baan Ling in Thailand. It was once an important staging post in the route of Khao Lak to the nearby kingdom of Siam. It served as a connecting point between the two countries. It has now been transferred to the province of Satun. Ko Tarutao was granted a world heritage site by UNESCO. It provides a good view of the sea and marine life.

Ko Tarutao Island is the third-largest island of Tarutao National Marine Park located in Satun Province of Southern Thailand. The island is approximately 26 kilometers long and around 11 kilometers wide. It’s one of Thailand’s most unspoiled islands and is located on the peninsular of Andaman Sea. Ko Tarutao lies on the east side of Andaman Sea. It is a popular tourist destination for scuba diving, boating, snorkeling, and other underwater explorations.


Ko Tarutao’s pristine marine environment makes it an ideal location for eco-tourism. It’s a favorite among eco-tourists from around the globe who come to this part of Thailand to dive and survey the undersea treasures. There are several interesting places to visit in and around Ko Tarutao. Some popular spots include Jomtien Beach, which is a popular attraction among snorkelers; the Watsumanyak Waterfall and its surrounding area, and the Sangri Phi Waterfalls.


The most striking feature of Ko Tarutao that attracts tourists is its sheer cliffs. The gradual decline of cliffs brings you to the stunning crystal clear waters of Ko Tarutao. A perfect destination for scuba divers, the island offers some of the best diving sites in the world. You can have a look at thousands of brightly colored tropical fish swimming in clear water. There are two good snorkeling sites in the vicinity of Ko Tarutao. These sites offer excellent facilities and also the chance to scuba dive or go sailing on clean, smooth, and shallow waters.


There are plenty of interesting spots to explore around Ko Tarutao. It’s easy to reach from the capital of Ko Samui by road. But if you’re a real nature lover, the island would be a great place to spend your holiday. On the north shore of Ko Tarutao, there is the aptly named Spirit Rock which provides a beautiful sight of nature with its gentle waterfall. There are plenty of other worthwhile sights as well where you can spend your day exploring the undersea world.


But perhaps the best thing about Ko Tarutao that should not be missed is its beaches. The white sandy beaches are truly stunning with clear blue water all around. Ko Tarutao beach, for example, is a small one, but still manages to offer the visitors great snorkeling and diving opportunities. The beach is a great place to relax and take your mind off the troubles of life. For snorkelers, there are plenty of places to explore. The reef itself is filled with wonderful reefs that attract many big fish.

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