Famous Historical Events

Many people are wondering what are the most famous historical events of Islam. Well, this article will show you some of the events which have become very significant and famous throughout the years. Some events may not be as well known today, but they have still managed to grab the attention of many. Here are some of the most famous events that happened during the early history of Islam:


Battle of Muzdalfa: This battle is one of the most significant events that happened in Muhammad’s career. Muzdalfa was a small town situated in the Red Sea Desert. It was a small trading post, where many people from all over Arabia had their crossing to Mecca. As the caravan trade started to flourish, Muzdalfa developed as a trading post and its population swelled. The people living in this town wanted to educate their children but it was very difficult for them to do so as many of the people were from other nations and many of them were illiterate.


Battle of Karbala: This battle took place in the 360s BC. The Persians had just crossed the Meditteranean Sea and they were targeting the weakening Lydian kingdom of Cyzikus. They attacked Cyzikus’ capital of Kerkyra. The Lydians managed to defend their capital, and they repelled the Persians from Kerkyra. This helped to strengthen the Greek civilization.


The defeat of Alexander the Great: This was a humiliation for the Greeks and the ruler of Babylon at the time. The king of Babylon sent an army to attack the city of Rome. Alexander was defeated by his own generals who led by Artabazus, and they became the father of Alexander the Great. This is one of the biggest embarrassments for the Greeks.


The sack of Jerusalem: This was a terrible disaster for the Jews because they thought that their Temple was being razed to the ground. Only 70% of the Temple was affected. This is also the reason for the rise of anti-semitism in the world. The crucifixion of Jesus is also one of the most famous events in the history of mankind.


Other historical events include the Norman conquest, invasions by Islamic nations, the English revolution, and the French revolution. They also include the sack of Troy by the Trojans, The Great Fire of London, Theodicia’s flight from Athens, and The sack of York by the Romans. There are many more historical events that happened in the world. Each one of these events changed the course of human history and introduced new legends. A good example of a historical figure is the person of Alexander the Great.

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