10 Cities That Once Rule the World – And One of Them Are Still Rule One

When you think of the ancient world, what do you think of? Do you think of the sophisticated civilizations that spanned the globe? Do you think of Rome, the Holy Roman Empire, or Egypt, the seat of the Pharoahs? Or do you think of Greece, a land of myth and magic that gave birth to democracy and allowed the world to begin the first truly great civilization?


In today’s world, many of these same cities are no longer among the great powers of the world. While there has been much development throughout the years, many of these once formidable nations have fallen into the economic recession. This is why I feel like it is important to remind everyone that ancient times were much more than just a period of history. They were a time when mankind was at its greatest. Let me tell you about 10 cities that once ruled the ancient world.


The first of which is Rome. When the Romans started out, they were a great city-state on the east coast of Africa. They were powerful and they used their navy to protect themselves from attacks by the Celts. Rome became the center of the Roman Empire. From the infamous Roman Coliseum to the Colosseum and all the other monuments which hold history together, Rome was and still is one of the most famous cities in the world.


Next is Persia. This Persian Empire existed for over a thousand years before the great plague killed off the Persians. Persia existed to trade and to gather together men and women to fight in a massive war against their southern neighbors. Just as Rome became a city-state within itself, so did Persia. It controlled large amounts of gold and silver, which allowed them to build impressive structures such as the Great Wall of Iran.


After Persia fell to the Romans, they kept control of the area, which they named Egypt. From this point on, Egypt was known for its trade and, much like Rome, it gathered together many of the greatest minds of the day to form the pyramids that are the world’s tallest. In fact, even today, many scholars believe that the pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs themselves.


One of the newest colonies in the world is called New Zealand. This small country has been very influenced by many different cultures over the course of its history. Today, many of the people who settled here began traveling from places in Europe and England and headed to what is now New Zealand. Settlements were established all over the world and, because New Zealand has a stable climate, it was a great choice for early settlers.


Finally, there is Australia. This is another island-state that has a very rich history. First, the British colonized this island country and, for a time, it was the largest colony in the world. During World War II, the United States and other countries were helping to build airfields and bases in this country, which led to an influx of immigrants from various European and Asian countries. Over time, Australia emerged as one of the world’s strongest countries and today it is a powerful force both economically and militarily.


There you have it: ten incredible ancient cities that still rule the world today. Which ones would you like to see? Let your mind run wild; you are guaranteed to be inspired by one of them!


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In closing, remember that even though these cities are on your “Bucket List,” don’t let it bring you down. If anything, they should help to sharpen your imagination and inspire you. What do you have to lose? Nothing!


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