Factory Wholesale Industrial PSA Oxygen Generator

Factory Wholesale Industrial PSA Oxygen Generator


Factory Wholesale Industrial PSA Oxygen Generator is equipped with heavy duty marine grade aluminum along with heavy duty stainless steel. These are factory second hand oxygen generator that comes with complete factory warranty. It is very easy and simple to use as well as low maintenance fuel injector, high capacity battery, heavy duty silicone gaskets and high temperature aluminum forging. It also includes a fully adjustable potentiometer for exact calibration and temperature sensing. The factory Wholesale industrial PSA oxygen generator is specially designed and developed for heavy-duty production run environments.


Factory Wholesale Industrial PSA Oxygen Generator has the ability to burn compressed CO2 in order to generate high-pressure air with the help of an electrical spark. It is highly efficient and produces more electricity than the average marine oxygen generator. This industrial gas air control oxidizer has the ability to operate on either high or low pressure and is designed for use under alkaline conditions. It also comes with a high temperature anti-corrosion resistant stainless steel plate and heavy duty silicone gaskets.


This is a great value factory second hand oxygen generator, which is available at discounted prices. It is a high quality item that meets all your requirements at the best possible price. With its numerous advantages it has won many hearts and is used worldwide. People are using this product in the refineries, plants, ships, power plants, welding facilities, chemical factories and even on offshore petroleum rigs. As it is highly portable and extremely durable it can be moved from one place to another without any difficulty.

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