Adjustable Ozone Tube Welds

How the Adjustable Ozone Tube Welds?

The Adjustable Ozone Tube is a new device which makes use of the unique Oxygenated Glass Technology, which ensures the complete safe functioning of your welding machine. It has the capability to alter the intensity of the UV emitting gas automatically, so that you can get the required results. These welding tubes are made up of high quality of quartz and iron powder. It has been designed specially for the purpose of welding heavy sectional pieces and has passed all the required safety standards.


The Adjustable Ozone Tube is equipped with a micro electrode that produces UV beam, which helps in curing the defects of the weld. This welding tube system is a revolutionary product that is very simple to operate and does not require any special knowledge. You can attach or remove electrodes from both sides of the glass tube and the system automatically functions to produce UV rays at the required locations. The adjustable ozone emission provides a controlled amount of UV beam by controlling the intensity of light emitted by the electrodes. It has the capacity to cure the defects and also protects the weld from any damage.


The welders should strictly follow all the safety measures while working with Adjustable Ozone. The welders should be protected from all the danger, which can occur during the welding process. Welders should wear welding helmets and masks, to protect them from the dust, gases, sparks and flying debris. The workers should have proper training regarding proper welding procedures and use only the correct equipment to avoid accidents and safety hazards. Finally we would like to say that since Adjustable Ozone has brought changes in the world of welding, now we can say that welding has become safer and user friendly.

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