What is Muscle Scaring? And What Can You Do to Stop It?

There are numerous things that could be the reason why your muscles are camping up. These reasons could range from lack of rest to overtraining to poor nutrition. If you have been training hard for months but have not had enough rest, your muscles will continue to grow and you will never be able to get them back down to their resting state. If you are not getting the rest you need your muscles are probably in a growth stage and cannot deal with the stress of training and therefore will not respond to it.


Training too much can also be a reason for muscles to go into overdrive. When we lift weights, our body experiences tremendous stress. This causes an overload on the muscles and as a result, they begin to expand to deal with this stress. The problem is that the body ends up using far more energy to support these increased sizes than it usually uses so as a result, the body stores fat to meet the need for additional energy. Muscles are not able to take in the fat needed to support the extra weight of muscle so they end up storing it. Muscles are Camping Up because the body is trying to use them up instead of the stored fat.


Not getting enough sleep can also be a reason for muscles to go into overdrive. Muscles are best fed when they are not being used. If you are going to train then you need to make sure that you allow enough recovery time between workouts to allow your muscles to rebuild themselves. Muscles are Camping Up because you are not allowing them to rebuild!


Nutrition is perhaps the most overlooked part of the training. Your body requires a good nutritional regime to stay in shape. You should eat plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates at regular intervals throughout the day. Muscles are Camping Up because you have not taken care of your body and they have responded by building up to accommodate the extra demands on your body has. If you are not taking in enough nutrients your body will respond by building fat instead of muscle. Muscles are Camping Up because you have ignored your body’s needs all day long!


Muscles are Camping Up because you have used up all of the fuel in the tank of your body, which means you are using up stored food for energy. Once you have run out of fuel, your body will need to store food in its boney cells for future use. Muscles are Camping Up because you have neglected your diet. You should load up on protein and carbohydrates at regular intervals during the day.


Muscles are Camping Up because you are performing the intense exercise to stimulate growth. When the hormones go into overdrive during weight training, this causes your body to grow much faster than it would normally. You are in great shape now, but you need to keep in mind that growing old is a natural part of life. Muscles are Camping Up because you are putting in the hard work to make your body grow! If you are not eating right and performing the proper exercises you could find yourself falling behind in your weight training program very soon.

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