How Many watts Does a Desk Lamp Have?

A Desk Lamp is a must-have item for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their desk. There are many different types of desk lights, ranging from ones that you simply place on your desktop to lighting fixtures that are actually mounted in the ceiling or casings. In addition to looking good, they also add needed light to dark rooms. Here are some of the most common styles that people use.


You have a few different options when deciding which type of desk lamp to purchase. The first is the classic desk lamp, which is a long cylinder that resembles a typical flashlight. The bulbs typically are in the center of the tube and there is a knob on the side. This makes it easy to turn on and off. However, the biggest drawback with these types of lights is that there usually isn’t a dimmer switch, so you will need to set the lens to a nice bright level.


Another option that you may want to consider is a Desk Light, which is a desk lamp that has an adjustable bulb, usually encased in a housing that resembles a lampshade. These lamps have the ability to adjust the intensity of the bulb, which gives you the ability to change the brightness to meet your needs. Some of these can even come with a dimmer switch, so you can set the light to a lower level if you need to. Some newer models have the capability of using LED bulbs, but these are a bit more expensive than other types of bulbs. While these lamps don’t have the versatility of being able to dim to a nice level when needed, they do offer a brighter lighting level than a standard lamp.


If you are going to be purchasing a desk lamp that has a built-in battery, then you will need to know what wattage you should be looking for, as this will affect the amount of energy that the lamp uses. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light it produces. Typically, a light that has about four hundred watts will give off enough light to brighten a small room, while one that has nearly two thousand watts will provide enough light for reading or writing.


You also need to determine the type of bulb that the desk lamp is using. The most common type of bulb that is used in a desk lamp is a compact fluorescent lamp, also known as CRI. These bulbs produce a more powerful light than the standard incandescent bulbs but are much more energy-efficient. For this reason, CRI bulbs are extremely popular in today’s economy and are the best option for anyone looking to purchase a desk lamp that is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. While you might have to pay a little more for a CRI bulb, the money you save on energy costs over the life of the bulb will more than makeup for the slightly higher cost of purchasing it.


The final thing that you should take into consideration is the actual brightness of the desk lamp itself. The general rule of thumb is that the brighter the lamp is, the more lumens it produces for every watt it consumes. However, if you want your lamp to be used in a dimly lit room where you need all the light possible, then you will probably want to go with a lamp that has adjustable settings. Adjustable settings can allow you to dim the brightness of the light without affecting the brightness of other features, which is a nice feature to have in a desk lamp.

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