High Quality Air Separation Equipment for the Purification of Ozone

Ozone generator and purification systems are required for the purification of oxygen in the various atmosphere conditions. Oxygen is a light weight gaseous element that has the properties to attract other atoms and molecules. The oxygen atoms will then bind with any dirts and leave the gaseous form. This is how the purified oxygen is transported to different parts of an area by using high quality air separation equipment. Ozone generators use an activated carbon filter cartridge, activated carbon membranes and activated beads.


Purification of oxygen requires various steps; it starts with the separation of the contaminants present in the air. The next step is the removal of the contaminants by means of air compression. Air vacuum is used for the final purification of the separated oxygen. High quality air separation equipment is the ideal choice for this purpose, as it contains high purity and low cost of operation. There are different types of purification units available in the market, and depending upon the requirements of the individual, one can select the right kind of purification equipment.


High quality air separation equipment usually consists of separate room for the storage and shipment of oxidizers and carbon beads. There is also a control room, which is located inside the laboratory. In the control room there will be a separate room for the oxidation of oxygen. Purified oxygen will pass through the vacuum chambers of the purifiers, which remove the impurities. These oxygen molecules are then collected on the absorbent pads. The purified oxygen is then stored in the room for further processing.

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